ADL (AMD Display Library) Public APIs  Version 17.0
Data Fields
ADLDisplayConfig Struct Reference

Structure containing HDTV information for display calls. More...

#include <adl_structures.h>

Data Fields

long ulConnectorType
 HDTV connector type. More...
long ulDeviceData
 HDTV capabilities. More...
long ulOverridedDeviceData
 Overridden HDTV capabilities. More...
long ulReserved
 Reserved field. More...
long ulSize
 Size of the structure. More...

Detailed Description

Structure containing HDTV information for display calls.

This structure is used to retrieve HDTV information information for display calls.

Field Documentation

◆ ulConnectorType

long ADLDisplayConfig::ulConnectorType

HDTV connector type.

◆ ulDeviceData

long ADLDisplayConfig::ulDeviceData

HDTV capabilities.

◆ ulOverridedDeviceData

long ADLDisplayConfig::ulOverridedDeviceData

Overridden HDTV capabilities.

◆ ulReserved

long ADLDisplayConfig::ulReserved

Reserved field.

◆ ulSize

long ADLDisplayConfig::ulSize

Size of the structure.

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