ADL (AMD Display Library) Public APIs  Version 17.1
Data Fields
ADLDetailedTiming Struct Reference

Structure containing detailed timing parameters. More...

#include <adl_structures.h>

Data Fields

int iSize
 Size of the structure. More...
short sHDisplay
 Displayed width. More...
short sHOverscanLeft
 Overscan left. More...
short sHOverscanRight
 Overscan right. More...
short sHSyncStart
 Horizontal sync signal offset. More...
short sHSyncWidth
 Horizontal sync signal width. More...
short sHTotal
 Total width (columns). More...
short sOverscan8B
short sOverscanGR
short sPixelClock
 Pixel clock value. More...
short sTimingFlags
 Timing flags. Detailed Timimg Flags. More...
short sVDisplay
 Displayed height. More...
short sVOverscanBottom
 Overscan bottom. More...
short sVOverscanTop
 Overscan top. More...
short sVSyncStart
 Vertical sync signal offset. More...
short sVSyncWidth
 Vertical sync signal width. More...
short sVTotal
 Total height (rows). More...

Detailed Description

Structure containing detailed timing parameters.

This structure is used to store the detailed timing parameters.

Field Documentation

◆ iSize

int ADLDetailedTiming::iSize

Size of the structure.

◆ sHDisplay

short ADLDetailedTiming::sHDisplay

Displayed width.

◆ sHOverscanLeft

short ADLDetailedTiming::sHOverscanLeft

Overscan left.

◆ sHOverscanRight

short ADLDetailedTiming::sHOverscanRight

Overscan right.

◆ sHSyncStart

short ADLDetailedTiming::sHSyncStart

Horizontal sync signal offset.

◆ sHSyncWidth

short ADLDetailedTiming::sHSyncWidth

Horizontal sync signal width.

◆ sHTotal

short ADLDetailedTiming::sHTotal

Total width (columns).

◆ sOverscan8B

short ADLDetailedTiming::sOverscan8B

◆ sOverscanGR

short ADLDetailedTiming::sOverscanGR

◆ sPixelClock

short ADLDetailedTiming::sPixelClock

Pixel clock value.

◆ sTimingFlags

short ADLDetailedTiming::sTimingFlags

Timing flags. Detailed Timimg Flags.

◆ sVDisplay

short ADLDetailedTiming::sVDisplay

Displayed height.

◆ sVOverscanBottom

short ADLDetailedTiming::sVOverscanBottom

Overscan bottom.

◆ sVOverscanTop

short ADLDetailedTiming::sVOverscanTop

Overscan top.

◆ sVSyncStart

short ADLDetailedTiming::sVSyncStart

Vertical sync signal offset.

◆ sVSyncWidth

short ADLDetailedTiming::sVSyncWidth

Vertical sync signal width.

◆ sVTotal

short ADLDetailedTiming::sVTotal

Total height (rows).

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