AMD GPU Services (AGS)
DirectX11 Extensions

DirectX11 driver extensions. More...


 Device creation and cleanup
 It is now mandatory to call agsDriverExtensionsDX11_CreateDevice when creating a device if the user wants to access any DX11 AMD extensions. The corresponding agsDriverExtensionsDX11_DestroyDevice call must be called to release the device and free up the internal resources allocated by the create call.
 Breadcrumb API
 API for writing top-of-pipe and bottom-of-pipe markers to help track down GPU hangs.
 Extended Topology
 API for primitive topologies.
 UAV Overlap
 API for enabling overlapping UAV writes.
 Depth Bounds Test
 API for enabling depth bounds testing.
 Multi Draw Indirect (MDI)
 API for dispatching multiple instanced draw commands. The multi draw indirect extensions allow multiple sets of DrawInstancedIndirect to be submitted in one API call. The draw calls are issued on the GPU's command processor (CP), potentially saving the significant CPU overheads incurred by submitting the equivalent draw calls on the CPU.
 Shader Compiler Controls
 API for controlling DirectX11 shader compilation. Check support for this feature using the AGS_DX11_EXTENSION_CREATE_SHADER_CONTROLS bit. Supported in Radeon Software Version 16.9.2 (driver version 16.40.2311) onwards.
 API for multiview broadcasting. Check support for this feature using the AGS_DX11_EXTENSION_MULTIVIEW bit. Supported in Radeon Software Version 16.12.1 (driver version 16.50.2001) onwards.
 Explicit Crossfire API
 API for explicit control over Crossfire.

Detailed Description

DirectX11 driver extensions.