ADL (AMD Display Library) Public APIs  Version 16.0

Description: This sample demonstrates how to use SideBySide.

Supported OS: Windows 10

Init and Destroy: Initialize the library before using it and destroy it after the usage. Refer to InitADL() for initialization and clean-up is done inside main function only.

For information about side-by-side refer to section #6 of "What is ADL and how to use it.doc" document shipped with ADL SDK. This example will demonstrates following concepts related to side-by-side.

  1. How to programmatically detect side-by-side installation.
  2. How to programmatically discover if currently loaded ADL is compatible with AMD graphics driver version installed to specific GPU.
  3. How to resolve incompatibility issue by loading ADL that is shipped with target driver version.
  4. How to programmatically disable compatibility check inside ADL
  • Note that SideBySide sample is supported only on Win10 systems with AMD graphics driver 21.20 and newer.
  • Sample Path: Sample\SideBySide

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